Teacher Training Seminar with Paul Newson in Kirov

г. Киров, ул. Профсоюзная 1, БЦ Кристалл

14 июня 2019 пятница

О мероприятии

Taking teaching to the next level

This seminar aims to boost teaching skills, inspire and motivate teachers to use their charisma and improve the results achieved by students in exams with the benefit of effective strategies and tactics. The speaker of the seminar is Paul Newson, an experienced linguist and teacher of English from London, who has trained numerous students for the successful passage of Cambridge Exams and inspired thousands of teachers all over Russia. Come and see Paul in flesh.


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11:30 – 12:00

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12.00 – 14.00

Session 1: Applying exam tactics for Cambridge ESOL to Russian State Exams

We all know that exam preparation isn’t only about mastering a vast amount of language but applying specialist skills in the way of routine strategies for each part of an exam. Having tried and tested these tactics for FCE, CAE and CPE over the last 12 years, they can easily be applied to Russian state exams since for formats are relatively similar. We will look at how to raise the level of imagination whilst adhering to the speaking requirements which leads to fluency. We will also look at how a step by step plan can ensure a better essay and in addition how the principle of “paraphrasing” can make listening and reading so much easier than they really seem. Like the sessions of preparing teachers for FCE and CAE, this one will be a positive career changer in preparing for the Russian State Exam. And be prepared to get your fingers dirty: participants will be trying out these tactics during the seminar!

14.00 – 15.00

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15.00 – 16.00

Session 2: How to teach Teens successfully

Many teachers often have a fear of working with teenagers but there is no need to when we truly understand them. Empathy is one of the most important tools in a teacher’s arsenal and through this by building a proper rapport with our teens, we can ensure smooth stress-free lessons. We will begin this session by looking at the lives of typical teenagers to draw conclusions which will shape our attitude and how we approach them. Then the audience will break off into groups to solve several common scenarios to make sure we are teaching teens and dealing with issues effectively. This seminar has proven to be a popular one over the last few years and Paul will bring it to Kirov improved and more in depth.

16.00 – 16.15


16.15 – 17.30

Session 3: Building the teacher – Ways of developing charisma and confidence

This session is so unique that you’ll only find it here. Quite often the main obstacle for teachers is not methodology or the language per se but the teachers themselves. Being in a position of authority expected to lead and to set an example, we need to possess a level of confidence and charisma. No, we are not born with these traits but we can certainly work on them. When we have these necessary traits, then all the other aspects of teaching fall into place: we are engaging, passionate, enthusiastic, fair and dynamic. Teachers who have attended this seminar find they return to work and notice the biggest difference to the quality of the lessons; just because they learn to follow a few simple techniques.

17.30 – 18.00

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Кто ведет мероприятие?

Paul Newson

The owner of Newson's Language Centre

Paul Newson is a Moscow-based teacher and teacher trainer who has been following his vocation for more than 18 years training students for Cambridge exams. Having graduated from university with a first class in linguistics, he then completed a PGCE teaching qualification to work in English secondary schools. It was in 2006 when he made the decision to try Russia. He fell in love with the country immediately and really honed his teaching skills working in a private language school before taking that leap of faith 3 years ago to open his own school which is growing rapidly. In the many years in Moscow Paul gained numerous teaching certificates but none have supported his teaching career as having completed his PhD in Developmental Psychology (distant learning with a British University) which has given him an analytical and humanistic side of the job. Now as well as running his own language school in Moscow, Paul often travels around Russia sharing his knowledge and experience with his fellow colleagues.


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